Saturday, September 21, 2013

7 Stages of Training

I sat down earlier today after training and tried to categorize the stages each student must undergo.

This is what i came up with...

Bearing in mind that at this point this might be total BS and i may regret this post later...

1. Center
In the case of VT, no student can progress without first having the basic understanding of this concept.

2. Structure
Since in all of Kung fu and really most everything else in life, how far we get depends on how strong a foundation we have in what it is we do.
I don`t see how VT is any exception, a tree with no roots will never survive in the Forest, your basic structure derived from a good solid stance is the key to everything else in VT.

3. Movement
Combining the first 2 points into point number 3 is essential, there is no way you can be good at fighting if you cannot move well. Movement means we must relearn the first 2 points over because once you start moving everything changes all the time.

4. Shifting and Angling
Point 3 must therefore be combined with points 1,2 and 4.
Learning how to shift, change angles and how this affects all the earlier points will lead to a good understanding of how to fight well.

5. Covering
This concept must replace blocking. In VT there is no time to Block, if you are under attack you can cover to give yourself a chance to start fighting back.

6. Entering
All of the above points are pretty meaningless without the mental readiness, Timing and co-ordination to be able to get into your opponents space and do some damage.

7. Finishing
This could mean running away from an ambush, or it could mean making the choice to fatally injure another human being in order to survive.
Either way it involves mental determination to make a snap judgement and see it through to the end.

So for the time being this is what i consider to be the 7 steps that  anyone looking to become an effective fighter must under take.

Of course each step in itself has different levels to achieve and always a higher goal to aim for.

inside these points you can find lessons in Attacking, speed, distance, timing, accuracy, strength, fighting intelligence, reflexes, problem solving etc.

But if you can get your mind and body around these 7 steps i am confident enough to say, that i think it will make you a good fighter.

Mike Daley

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