Tuesday, November 22, 2011

 Recently i tried a different approach to improving the chain punching speed, which you can see my first attempt in the video.

The idea was instead of trying to count the punches, to punch at full speed with as much force as possible non stop for 1 minute.

This may sound very easy, but your arms get tired very quickly, keeping them moving needs you to keep relaxed in the upper arm, and to keep the elbow down and drive the punch from the elbow.

If thats not clear, then think about this: The upper arm and the biceps are not needed in this punch they will slow you down so try to put all the energy into the elbow and drive from here, instead of the shoulder. This should give you the Tricep muscle strength instead and let you build on speed and power.

so here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFoufVTJebo

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wing chun punching.

So i read or heard a fair bit of negative feedback about the chain punching used in WC.

Mainly people don`t think that it has any power, or that it has less power than using boxing hands or other swinging punching methods.

This is NOT true, However what is true is that the type of power that comes from chain punching is not the same as the power created by a swinging blow.

The idea of a swinging blow is that the transifical force of the bodymovement x the impact of the largest part of the fist will equal the most damage. This is pretty much the case in terms of the Area that gets damaged by this type of punch.

When you use this type of punch the energy moves in various directions, at the impact point the energy will disperse on impact, spreading over a large surface area (when i say large i mean perhaps the size of your fist).
Although, some of the power does not make it to the impact point.( but this is really a different topic so i will keep my mouth shut on that until the next post.)

In WC the chain punch does not disperse energy on impact, instead the energy travels in one straight line, like a pole or a sun-ray or something of a straight nature.
On impact the area of damage is much smaller, the real difference is that the energy penetrates the target and continues right through and out the otherside. In This sense the punch is actually more deadly, because it has the potential to damage internal organs much easier than a swinging blow.

I have practised Kung fu for only 6 years, but i have been at the recieving end of both type of punch many times, personally i`d rather get hit by the swinging blow, it will hurt like hell and it will probably bruse and take a while to heal, but some chain punches i have felt for weeks afterward.

For more videos visit: http://youtu.be/dWGxYJlStj0