Sunday, August 25, 2013

Taan sau

I picked up an important point about the taan sau when i was in the U.K.

the angle of your wrist makes a huge difference in terms of which muscles are being used.

Below is the Taan with the wrist straight, this is the "weak Taan"

Below is the Taan with the wrist angled, this is the best way...

This is the Taan- Dar idea of simultaneous attack and defense.
In the class we will have a chance to explain in more detail and to try them out.


I had a very Exciting and interesting trip back to the U.K.

Exciting because, i was able to catch up with almost all of my friends and family.

Interesting because, i was able to meet with my old class mates who are now all instructors.

I got a chance to meet with my first VT Instuctor and best of all got to Chi-sau with all of them.

It was really good to catch up and see how much everyone had grown and progressed over the years, if there is one thing i love, it`s progress.

So now back in Japan and ready to get things rolling again with our VT classes, can`t wait.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Last class of July, Last class of the Summer!

Well, you know how they say all good things come to those who wait...apparentley that is the case.

after 3 months with 1 disappointing turnout after another,
we were very blessed indeed to have 8 People enter into Wednesdays classroom.

We had 2 gentlemen from the USA and New Zealand respectivley.

a local gentleman from Kobe and a Local Lady all came to join our class as well as our 3 regular students.

It was a very enjoyable session indeed.

This was the last class until September the 4th.

I will be away in the U.K. until the end of August.

I will try to get at least one new video done for the blog whilst i am away.

Mind how you go