Monday, February 3, 2014

Pushing for more in 2014.

The first year that i put this group together we have been very lucky in having over 10 different members and around 15-16 different people come through our class form different walks of life.

The nature of Martial arts is always that there will be some people who stay and some who just pass through, regardless, we are thankful for everyone that we meet.

This year we have made the move to the new location, which i am optimistic will provide us with still more people coming to check out what we do.

But this is not all we are aiming for this year.

We are aiming at having a more professional looking set of posters put together.

We are looking to improve the quality of our training and to make it even more fun!

We are also looking to expand to different days of the week and different training locations, We are currentley looking at a second weekly class in Rokko Island.

So to everyone already involved a big Thankyou is in order, look forward to better things still to come in 2014.

To all those who we haven`t met yet, i speak for all members when i say, "we can`t wait"!


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