Friday, July 19, 2013

Class of the 17th

Wednesdays class.

more of a private lesson for Yuji than anything else.

Slow days are always a bit of a downer but, we have to count our blessings and be thankful.

So we got into our pad drills,

we have added the "laan sau" to the pad drills recentley, you can see a video of it Here:
We spent 20 minutes drilling our "Pauk", Punch, "Tan" and "Bong" sau Positions in with our "Kim Yeung Ma".

We went through the First Form, the 小年頭 or "Siu Nim Tao".

Because we had the time, we did some basic Knife reaction drills.

(Not as scary as it sounds, we use a rubber knife , safety first ;))

As always, at the end of the class we covered " Chi Sau". We are still working on Single hand.

Next week

 we will Use a different location...

We will meet at the Lobby at 7pm, Class will begin around 7:15pm.

Hope to see you there :).


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