Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Collapsable stance

Collapsable stance.

Something that we have been playing around with recently, we created a very simple drill designed to teach you the correct combat stance position (without spending so much time looking at your feet.)
Also a good introduction to releasing or getting away from unnecessary pressure.

So very simple, if your partner stands in front of you and you take on the basic stance or Kim yeung ma (as we talked about in the previous post).

Your partner pushes on your hands until you can feel that there is too much pressure to cope with, at which point you collapse into your combat stance and change your hands to a combination of "wu" and another hand directed to your partners centre, weather it be, a punch , Palm strike, set of keys...whatever.

The result should be that you find your most comfortable and natural combat stance that can actually stop your partners forward momentum. (if your kim yeung ma cannot)

Of course this drill can be modified in many ways, one simple idea is to practise changing to a different line if your partners momentum is really too strong, this can be a bridge to practising Toi ma idea.

Of course you can practise it from "Chi sau". This is just one more idea that might give you the same technique from a different situation.

Happy training.

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